Capture for Kinect

This program captures the skeleton motion (as calculated by the Microsoft SDK) in addition to colour and depth images from the Kinect sensor. Skeleton motion is captured as comma separated values (csv) with the X Y Z position of each joint in metres away from the Kinect sensor. The images below show the respective joints of the Microsoft SDK skeleton and the Kinect global axes direction with respect to the sensor. We keep adding functionality to the code whenever we can so new versions may crop up occasionally. I’ll aim to keep a rough update schedule on this page.


15/1/2013 Added tilt functionality – it is now possible to access the Kinect’s motor through a slider bar

NOTE: You may need to download Microsoft Kinect drivers (included in the SDK), HEREthe program works best at higher screen resolutions.

Download the Capture software by filling in the form at the bottom of this page

The joints of the skeleton returned from the Microsoft SDK

The axes orientations aligned to the Microsoft Kinect sensor


The depth image can be saved in two formats, 8 bit grayscale (saved as a 24 bit colour png) or 16 bit grayscale (saved as a native 16 bit grayscale png). The benefit of the 16 bit grayscale image is that the full depth resolution of the Kinect sensor is captured in the depth image. An 8 bit grayscale image loses depth information when it is forced to truncate to 256 data points. The 16 bit depth image can be useful when analysing , filtering and transforming the depth data for later use as point cloud information.

NB: In 16-bit grayscale mode the minimum colour value (0/black) is set to a depth of 0 m while maximum depth (65535 / white) is permanently set at a depth of 10 metres. While the Kinect can’t accurately record depth to this distance, this absolute measure does allow the easy translation of gray values within the image to real depth values.

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