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Update October 2015: After a long period of dormancy (not enough time unfortunately) I’ve amended some other minor bugs which were preventing bvh files not created using Brekel of IPIsoft from loading. The axes orientations are not being altered with this so it’s likely you’ll need to align them yourself to get the correct Euler angles out of the calculations. Also, Matlab is changing the way it’s plotting lines so I’ve removed some code which will soon produce an error. A bigger overhaul will be necessary if I’m going to speed up rendering using new Matlab functionality. However, I don’t want to stop people with older versions of Matlab using the code. Watch this space!

Update December 2013: I’m trying to keep up with changes to the bvh file format which IPIsoft outputs with new versions but I find that bugs creep into operation. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the orientation of the local axes so I hope the ‘axes orientation change’ function works as intended. This latest version has more sophisticated processing of the bvh file and fixes a few minor bugs. The window is now resizable for people with small screens.

Update April 2013: Version 2 of the Matlab viewer is available for download. The code has been modified to better process files from IPIsoft version two. The code removes the finger segments from the analysis section of the program (to allow easier selection of the other segments) and also allows reorientation of local coordinate systems. The local coordinate systems have to be orientated correctly for the Euler angles to be reported correctly. Orientations can be saved for future use. We recommend that only brekel or IPIsoft bvh files are used in this software. Download the new version by filling in the form below.


Some of our segment tracking analysis was performed using biovision (bvh) files [1]. We have written a Matlab based viewer program which can be used for simple analysis, and viewing the recorded movement. It was originally intended for use with bvh files created by IPI soft and Brekel Kinect, although it should work for any bvh file (although this is untested).


The program can downloaded by filling in the form below, a brief help files is included with the program. Please read the license before downloading.

Getting your own BVH files:

We’ve written a short guide on how to obtain bvh files with the Microsoft Kinect.


We would like to thank Professor  Neil Lawrence who kindly gave us permission to use his Matlab motion capture toolbox in this software.


[1] Meredith, M., Maddock, S., & Road, P. (2001). Motion Capture File Formats Explained.


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