Breast Scanning

In collaboration with Dr Amit Goyal of Derby Hospitals we are developing a breast measurement system using the Microsoft Kinect depth camera (although our methods apply to many depth camera systems). The motivation for this work is the development of a low cost system which can make simple (straight line, surface) and higher order (volume) measurements of a breast pre and post reconstructive surgery. This provides a non-contact means of making higher order measures that aren’t possible using traditional tools (tape and callipers). In addition aesthetic comparisons can be made pre and post surgery.

Publications associated with project:

1. Wheat J, Choppin S, Goyal A (2013) Development and Assessment of a Microsoft Kinect based system for imaging the breast in three dimensions. Med. Eng. Phys.

2. Choppin SB, Probst H, Goyal A, et al. (2013) Breast Volume Calculation Using a Low-Cost Scanning System. 4th Int. Conf. Exhib. 3D Body Scanning Technology. Download