The ‘raw’ data returned by depth cameras such as the Kinect is often point cloud data. Effectively providing scanned 3D information of objects and surfaces.

We have explored the potential of using the Microsoft Kinect as a scanner for biomechanics applications and it was our original motivation for looking at applications of depth cameras.

Dr Wheat completed an early study looking at the use of the Microsoft Kinect to scan body segments and obtain inertial parameters. The abstract is available in the journal of sports sciences [1] but we have also included it here.

Blog Posts:

We have published early investigations into using the Kinect for scanning on our general blog engineeringsport and include the article here.

Publications associated with this project:

[1] Wheat, J., Hart, J., Domone, S., & Outram, T. (2011). Obtaining body segment intertia parameters using structured light scanning with Microsoft Kinect. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29(sup2), S23–S24. doi:10.1080/02640414.2011.609363

Hand Scanning

Using 3D surface imaging to measure hand volume